This website showcases case studies developed by students at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario in these courses:

  • Fall 2021 CDNS 4403-5403 Heritage Conservation and Sustainability
  • Fall 2019 CDNS 4403-5403 Heritage Conservation and Sustainability
  • Fall 2017 CDNS 4403-5403 Heritage Conservation and Sustainability
  • Fall 2014 CDNS 4003-5003 Special Topics in Canadian Studies: Heritage Conservation and Sustainability

Students explore the lessons of historic places or policy-type initiatives where attention is being paid to how to conserve both natural and cultural heritage, and/or how to balance heritage conservation principles with objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Each student is tasked with :

  • identifying key lessons,
  • describing the location of the place or initiative,
  • explaining related natural/cultural heritage designations and associated values,
  • analyzing environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives,
  • reporting on applicable assessments or awards that measure specific criteria,
  • listing major stakeholders, and
  • providing key images and sources.

Situated between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River, in a southeast area of the city of Ottawa, the Carleton University campus provides a compelling context for discussion of such themes as heritage, sustainability, communities and the urban landscape. The image above is taken from an online exhibition on the campus history ca.1964:

“Travelling in style to Carleton University, arts student Enid McNeil, 20, paddles down the canal everyday and docks at the Hartwell Locks before crossing the foot bridge to attend lectures on the new Rideau River campus. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex McNeil, Enid lives half a mile from Carleton towards Hog’s Back. Giving her a helping hand here are Blyth Robertson, right, and Brian Flumerfelt, left.”

Banner image source: Carleton University Library Historical Photographs.

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